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Hey, I’m here, and you’re welcome here

At Rita’s, the bar has a touch of tiki (without feeling kitschy), and the food is served out of a permanently parked small school bus. Water bowls for dogs and solar-powered umbrellas with charging stations line the patio. All decorations — from a lady justice statue to a vintage arcade game on the wall — have a meaning for Price.



Price says she stocked the bar with Colorado beer and spirits in mind, but also with a balanced approach that doesn't favor any specific spirit. So you'll find beer on tap from Woods Boss Brewing just around the corner, as well as other local beers (plus a few from out-of-state), ciders and cold-brew coffee from Huckleberry Roasters.

WESTWORD, 06/19/19


Lady Justice Reigns supreme

Customers will walk in the front door to be greeted by a whiskey barrel-shaped bar, where a statue of Lady Justice sits on the counter. Shelves are full of vintage cameras, gavels, books, and plants. Seating is scattered throughout, and there’s an expansive back patio with fire pits and a food truck.

Eater Denver, 06/18/19



Rita Price has a few rules if you plan on visiting her upcoming bar, Rita's Law, when it opens sometime in the next couple of weeks — but most of them involve enjoying drinks and making new friends. The Five Points watering hole will also have a small kitchen in a converted school bus on the patio.

WESTWORD, 04/26/19



There’s commingling in the decor and the hundred-year-old building housing Rita’s Law too, which has been given new life through extensive renovations. Even the concept is a mix: It’s a space designed to host the coffee drinker who works remotely (there are ample outlets available, even on the patio) and those looking to unwind with a drink after a traditional 9 to 5 day.

5280 MAGAZINE, 03/12/19



The bar will be outfitted with repurposed material from Denver institutions such as Zang Mansion and Epworth Church, as well as whisky-barrel-inspired bar-back shelves build from staves from Breckenridge Distillery barrels. Its food and drink menu will include products from local businesspeople such as Mary Nguyen of Olive & Finch Eatery and Jordan Fink of Woods Boss Brewing.

denver business journal, 03/05/19


a welcoming spot for everyone

Comfort and community will be important themes at Rita's Law; there will be plenty of wall outlets so that guests can plug in and work during the day. And at night, Price wants to implement a 9 p.m. toast "as a cheers to everyone around — to take a moment to acknowledge that you're part of a community.

WESTWORD, 02/28/19

denver native returns to open bar

“I always knew I wanted to have a bar, I just didn’t know when or where,” Price says in a press statement. “When I moved back to my hometown, I remembered the rich history and culture of Five Points and decided that it was the perfect location to open a bar — I wanted a neighborhood where a 21-year-old could sit next to an 85-year-old and strike up a conversation.”

EATER DENVER, 02/27/19