When you’re conceptualizing anything from scratch, you often envision things to go a certain way. In the case of Rita’s Law, nothing went according to plan.

The biggest change to the original concept involves 28 feet. Wait, what? Yes, you heard us right, 28 feet. That is the exact distance that stood between Rita’s Law being a local watering hole rotating Denver’s favorite food trucks and Rita’s Law being a local watering hole with its own kickass food truck.


Colorado state law requires that you be more than 500-feet away from a school in order to obtain a tavern license; otherwise, you must have a hotel and restaurant license that requires a minimum of sales from meals. But, when life gives you lemon you cut it into wedges and squeeze it in a vodka soda.  Err… um… you make lemonade.

So, that’s how the bus came to be. Of course, in true pun-y fashion, it had to be a school bus. It serves as the main kitchen for Rita’s Law and is where the culinary magic happens. In addition to having food from the bus, we have partnered with Olive and Finch Eatery and Bakery to provide pastries and baked goods.